Personal Learning Network

What a sharp learning curve. It has been fast and furious for me, diving into many new technologies. Kay Li has described the importance of using a PLN or Personal Learning Network to get connected with others. It is important for educators to share resources, ideas and knowledge that may benefit their students. The teaching village explains the rewards for teachers who connect and share and explains that with evolving technology, new ways of networking are being used. Check out the site at The author of the website, Barbara Sakamoto explains that
“The teachers in my Personal Learning Network are some of the best friends I’ll never meet.” I have navigated her site and find it easy to use and well constructed. She has links to many great articles and although her focus is ESL teachers, I have found everything very relevant to my studies.

Check out Barbara’s Youtube video – to encourage us to discover new things.
<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

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